• Love these videos dude…helpful, funny & to the point (not long) keep them coming please & thanks!

    Jill Daniele
  • I enjoy your eating out presentation. I like to eat Mexican once a week. I enjoy tacos no shell with refried beans. Looking forward to reading the grocery list.

    Martha Ann Edwards
  • I am just starting my keto journey and am lovin these daily videos to keep me motivated and informed. Love your personality and humor Los! Keep up the good work!

  • My boss and I eat at the Cheese Cake Factory A LOT! So, thank you.

  • I have been doing keto for a few weeks. Been a little hard cause my family is not on board w me. I love it and I feel great on it. I just wanna say I love watching ur videos everyday. U make keto easy…..,,for the real person n everyday life.

    Michele Oliveri

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